Q: Can I bring snacks for the whole team to share?
A: No. Unfortunately, this season shared snacks (food and beverages) are not permitted.

Q: Do I need to sign my child in when I arrive?
A: Yes. Each field will have a designated point of entry and exit, and a team volunteer will have a sign in/out sheet to fulfill contact tracing obligations. Masks do not need to be worn as long as families are able to maintain 2m of physical distance from one another.

Q: Do(es) I/my child need to complete the COVID self-assessment before attending a game/practice?
A: Yes. All players, coaches and parents are requested to complete a self-assessment health check
before arriving at Tomahawk soccer fields.

Q: Does my child need to wear a mask while playing soccer?
A: No. The players are not required to wear masks while on the field or the bench.

Q: Do the players have to maintain physical distancing while playing?
A: No, players are not required to maintain physical distancing on the field or the bench. The only time physical distancing is required is when signing in. Parents/guardians, who are not coaching, are also asked to maintain a physical distance of 2m from others.

Q: Are spectators allowed to attend the games?
A: No, with the exception that any person under the age of 18 years who is engaged in activities in the facility may be accompanied by one parent or guardian.

Q: What time should we arrive for the games?
A: Please arrive no more than 25 minutes prior to the activity commencing.

Q: Are there any other guidelines that I should be aware of? 

A: Players should avoid all “non-essential” contact (e.g., NO handshakes, high fives, etc.). Spitting is not permitted at any time.

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