Attention U4/U6 Timbits! Additional Photo Night

Please share this with anyone who may not have received the email earlier this week.

We have arranged another picture day this Wednesday June 20, at 5:30pm.  Last Wenesday we managed to get to get through most of our teams, although one of our 3 photographers arrived quite late which pushed us back approximately one hour.  We thank you for your patience and understanding as there was some moving around of photographers at the last moment.

We will have 2 photographers and a coordinator ready to go by 5:30pm.  Please go to your designated field and the coordinator will come to each team when ready.  We have the U4 group picture as well as 5 U6 teams and their group picture.

Forms will be available by shed B and C.  You will receive an individual and team photo by the club.  Please fill out: First Name, Last Name and Phone #.  If you are buying more pictures please also fill out step 2 and 3.

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