2021 Annual General Meeting

The Blue Mountains Soccer Club will be having the AGM on Tuesday November 9th @ 7:30pm. The meeting will take place at the LE Shore Public Library in Thornbury. We greatly encourage soccer parents and those interested in volunteering with the club to join us.

Return to Play FAQ’s

Q: Can I bring snacks for the whole team to share?
A: No. Unfortunately, this season shared snacks (food and beverages) are not permitted.

Q: Do I need to sign my child in when I arrive?
A: Yes. Each field will have a designated point of entry and exit, and a team volunteer will have a sign in/out sheet to fulfill contact tracing obligations. Masks do not need to be worn as long as families are able to maintain 2m of physical distance from one another.

Q: Do(es) I/my child need to complete the COVID self-assessment before attending a game/practice?
A: Yes. All players, coaches and parents are requested to complete a self-assessment health check
before arriving at Tomahawk soccer fields.

Q: Does my child need to wear a mask while playing soccer?
A: No. The players are not required to wear masks while on the field or the bench.

Q: Do the players have to maintain physical distancing while playing?
A: No, players are not required to maintain physical distancing on the field or the bench. The only time physical distancing is required is when signing in. Parents/guardians, who are not coaching, are also asked to maintain a physical distance of 2m from others.

Q: Are spectators allowed to attend the games?
A: No, with the exception that any person under the age of 18 years who is engaged in activities in the facility may be accompanied by one parent or guardian.

Q: What time should we arrive for the games?
A: Please arrive no more than 25 minutes prior to the activity commencing.

Q: Are there any other guidelines that I should be aware of? 

A: Players should avoid all “non-essential” contact (e.g., NO handshakes, high fives, etc.). Spitting is not permitted at any time.

Return to Play (Update June 30)

Hello Soccer Parents. Great news! We will finally begin our soccer program starting the week of July 12th. This year, the program will run for 8-weeks. You will be contacted shortly by your group coordinator with the exact start dates and times.

We will be following Covid protocols and will send a FAQ sheet shortly to advise you on what you need to know before coming to Tomahawk Fields.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still in need of parent volunteers to help run the season. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out for a couple of hours per week.