2018 Survey Results

We asked all of you for your opinions on this season. Thank you to all those who took the time to respond! We’ll use all of your responses and comments to help us plan next season. If you missed the chance to respond to our survey, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the executive or fill in our online contact form.

Survey respondents came from all of our programs/divisions and the percentage of respondents from each division were representative of enrollment in each program. (i.e. The majority of our members participate in the U4 and U6 timbits programs and most of our survey responses came from those families). Forty one of our members filled out the survey and here is a summary of the answers:

  • Most respondents rated their program of good value  (1 =”A Bargain”  and 5 = “Too Expensive”).
  • Most respondents felt that the duration of our program was just right.
  • About half of respondents felt that coaching incentives might be entice them to volunteer.
  • Unfortunately, only half of our respondents were aware that the club held a Fun Day this year (player lunch, bounce castles, face painting, soccer games).
  • However, almost 90% might be interested in a club-wide fun day during the upcoming season. The challenge will be to find a date that works best for all.

Our U4 and U6 Timbits families answered a few additional questions:

  • Most respondents were happy with the program timing/dates.
  • The majority of respondents felt that team sizes (6-7 children per team) was just about right.
  • The majority also preferred having an assigned coach (as opposed to rotating volunteers). THANK YOU COACHES!
  • Most respondents enjoyed having teams stay in their own designated field (as opposed to rotating).
  • The majority preferred splitting up our U3 and U4 players into Junior and Senior timbits (1= “Keeping them together is better” and 5 = “Splitting them up is great”).
  • And the designated, shared snack times in the middle of the hour was preferred by most respondents.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to bring them forward at any time. We are always looking for more people to help on the BMSC executive with planning and organizing. Or if you cannot commit to an executive role, reach out to us and we can figure out where you can contribute.

Thank you BMSC members and families for a great 2018 outdoor soccer season. We will be planning out 2019 season soon, so stay tuned!

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